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Kate Kincaid, LPC

Kate Kincaid, LPC

I studied at the Kinsey Institute which is a renowned school for the study of sexuality and gender which lead me to my interest in counseling gender and sexual minorities, people in alternative relationship models (partnered non-monogamy/polyamory) and traditional monogamous relationship issues such as infidelity, mistrust and ineffective communication. I also work with people who have been previously diagnosed or suspect they have a sex or porn addiction. I believe any problematic sexual behavior is a symptom of a deeper rooted problem that needs to be addressed rather than the cause of the concern.

My therapeutic style is informed by feminism and social justice, seeking to collectively dismantle systems of violence and oppression. I believe many of the dis-ease in our lives is rooted in a normal response to a broken system that is then pathologized and stigmatized especially when it comes to sexual behaviors and interests. In addition to the tools of my Western clinical training (e.g. CBT, EMDR), I have an eclectic and intuitive approach that invites your collaboration to help you take control of your life and choose which changes you need to make for lasting effects.

I believe that everyone has the answers to their problems within them and given an accepting and nonjudgmental environment, they can gain the courage to remember their own inherent worth and wisdom. My approach is to address the core negative self-beliefs that adversely impact one’s choices and puts strain on your relationship with yourself and others.

Jamelyn Evans, LMSW

I am currently working as a Licensed Master Social Worker, under the supervision of Kate Kincaid, MC, LPC, NCC while in the process of seeking reciprocity for my independent licensure that I hold in Massachusetts.

I received my Masters degree from Arizona State University. I have a strength based holistic approach to therapy. My intention as a therapist is to offer a space where clients can find safety, patience, empathy, curiosity, compassion, encouragement, and support. I use a variety of approaches including: Somatic Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or more commonly known as Tapping), Trauma Focused, and other forms of therapeutic intervention as needed. My approach is client-centered and solution focused motivating you to take control and make important changes to have immediate effects.

Samantha Contreras, LMSW

Samantha Contreras, LMSW

I am a culturally competent therapist with experience serving adolescents, adults, couples, veterans and those suffering from chronic illness. My personal and professional life has been dedicated to helping others and I am truly passionate about my work. My therapeutic approach is solution focused and I utilize multiple modalities to best fit individual needs.


I implement evidence based therapy techniques such as; mindfulness based interventions, IBCT, CBT, ACT and DBT to aid in behavior modification. Through the use of a various techniques I help my clients address different challenges including, PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction and/or relational problems.
Through a collaborative process we can explore and address the underlying causes of problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings and relationship issues. I have experience working with the full spectrum of emotional and behavioral issues and together we can begin the process of healing.

Althea Rosewood, LAC

I received my Master of Social Work from Arizona State University. I am a Licensed Master Social Worker, registered and licensed by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners to practice in this state. I have studied and trained in different therapies: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (TFCBT), which focus on changing repetitive thought patterns that often lead to unwanted feelings, or behaviors. Another therapy, Motivational Interviewing, which invites clients to make changes important to them, at a pace decided upon by them, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which utilizes various techniques to modify ineffective coping strategies.

I am flexible in my approach to the therapeutic process. The idea is to find a modality that works for YOU. Clients often seek counseling intending to change ineffective behavior patterns. Many times, people feel trapped in their lives. Perhaps that life was constructed years earlier, but no longer meets their needs. One of my roles is to create a place for clients that is neutral, unbiased, and supports their emerging self. Ultimately, I have no stake in your life. I simply work with you to develop tools and strategies that aid your evolution into a life that fits.

I am monolingual, (English), but I am knowledgeable about issues effecting people of color, immigrants, and first generation Americans. I am aware of issues effecting gay, lesbian, bisexual men, and women, and members of other sexual minority groups. I am also open to people who define themselves as heterosexual, yet interact sexually with members of their own sex.

Cota Piehl, LAC

Cota Piehl, LAC

My therapeutic style follows a diverse and holistic approach. Based on your needs, various modalities are implemented along with a thorough integration of the mind, body, and spirit into the treatment plan. Together, we will develop healthy coping mechanisms.  Through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR and mindfulness, we identify and address negative thought patterns and replace with positive cognitions, reprocess past traumatic events and bring resolution where it’s needed. I want you to feel empowered, and walk away with newfound happiness and contentment.

My education includes an undergraduate degree in Anthropology, with an emphasis in Cultural Anthropology from Utah State University, and a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northern Arizona University.  I have experience working with refugees and native communities. I primarily work with adults, couples and families, especially those from diverse backgrounds.  I specialize in anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, self-esteem, grief and eating disorders.

Securing a connection is paramount before moving forward in our therapeutic relationship.  I am a supportive, understanding, compassionate and accepting individual offering a safe and nonjudgmental therapeutic environment.  I look forward being a part of your positive transformation.

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